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Parenting Skills Classes

Classes are designed to assist parents in developing parenting skills which will encourage appropriate behavior, help prevent problems from arising as the child matures, and instill a sense of self-discipline. Classes help parents understand age specific developmental needs and behaviors so they can provide appropriate and consistent discipline to make family life a happy and pleasant experience.

Parenting Program Purpose:

This program is designed to provide support and education to mothers and fathers who are experiencing special life stresses that affect their parenting. A group format is utilized to allow participants to gain support from their peers. Pre-group interviews give the facilitator an opportunity to understand and address individual issues and goals.

Parenting groups meet for a two-hour session each week over a six-week period, for an equivalent of 12 one-hour sessions. The first half of each session is devoted to discussion of a topic or activity. During the second half of the session, parents are invited to share personal issues or concerns and to receive support and critical feedback. Throughout the six-week process the facilitator structures, guides, and empowers the group process.

The program is based on the belief that parents under stress face unique challenges. Our role is to acknowledge their issues, build on their strengths, and provide them with an opportunity to gain information, critical feedback, and support from others.

Parents will be offered the opportunity:

  • To share parenting issues with others and to gain information and support.
  • To increase knowledge about children and parenting.
  • To gain increased empathy with their children.
  • To understand how life's experiences can affect parenting.
  • To develop skills to identify and address problems, seeking help when needed.
  • To take credit for healthy parenting practices.
  • To learn about special parenting stresses and how they affect parenting.
  • To improve parenting skills and be able to put these learned skills into practice.
  • To learn to accept responsibility for their own actions, reactions, and emotions.
  • Curriculum:
    • Introduction to the group. Discussion of Children's Rights.
    • Growing up is hard work -- Ages and Stages of Child Development.
    • Discipline vs Punishment
    • Rewards and Consequences
    • Creative Parenting
    • Behavioral Change
    • Children and Feelings
    • Looking Back
    • Learning to be Parents
    • Handling Conflict
    • Children's Needs
    • Who Are We?
    • Being Male and Female
    • Values
    • Nurturing
    • Child Abuse and Neglect
    • Family Violence - Men and women who are battered and who are abusive. Children who witness violence in the home. Child abuse and neglect, sibling abuse, and parental abuse.
    • Single Parenting
    • Blended Families
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Children with Special Needs
    Graduation Requirements:
    • Attendance: Participant is required to attend all six sessions. If it is necessary for the participant to miss a class, at least 24 hours prior notice is required. Make-up sessions will be provided at an additional charge at the discretion of the facilitator. If a make-up session is scheduled and the participant fails to attend, the participant will fail the parenting skills program and must repeat it from the first session.
    • Participation: A strength of this program is the participation of the parent. Participation in the discussion and completion of the assigned homework is critical to successfully completing this parenting program.
    • The parent must demonstrate they have learned the principles of appropriate parenting either through testing or interview with the facilitator.

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