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Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation services are offered to provide a safe and secure environment in which a parent can visit with their child(ren). The goal is to provide an atmosphere where the parent may have visitation which is appropriate as well as enjoyable and beneficial to those involved. Visitation services can be provided in the community or in our safe, comfortable office in a home-like setting. Alliance's office is centrally located within the Tulsa metropolitan area. Our supervisors will travel with the visiting parent and the children to museums, the movies and to restaurants. They will also attend other social activities with the family. This allows visitation in a more usual setting than in the artificial setting of a visitation room.

Alliance Behavioral Health, the Supervisor, the parties involved, and the court will set the site, time, and date of the visitation. Alliance Behavioral Health reserves the right to refuse or suspend services if at any time it is believed that the Supervised Visitation or exchanges services are not in the best interests of the children. If the Supervisor feels in any physical danger, or the agreed-upon standards are not being met, then the Supervisor can terminate the visit. This is for the safety of not only the Supervisor, but also for the children involved in the visitation.

A Court Order or formal written request for services is required for the records. The Court Order or request will outline the requirements and parameters of the service required.

Monitored Visitation

This service involves drop-in visits at the home of the party being visited by the children. Unannounced visits by the supervisor and phone calls to the home at unusual times are also a part of the service. The monitor will speak privately with the child(ren).

Transfer Monitoring

This service involves the transfer of the child(ren) between parents with supervision. It ensures the safety of all the parties. This may be done at the offices of Alliance Behavioral Health or at a site approved by all parties.

TEN COMMANDMENTS of proper conduct for divorced or separated parents:
  1. Do not poison your child's mind against either parent by discussing their shortcomings.
  2. Do not make a new relationship a priority over your relationship with your children.
  3. Do not use visitation as an excuse to continue arguments with your ex-spouse.
  4. Do not visit your children at unreasonable hours.
  5. Do not visit your children if you have been drinking.
  6. Do not fail to notify your Ex as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your visitation appointment. It's unfair to your children to keep them waiting and worse -- to disappoint them by not coming at all.
  7. Make your visitation as pleasant as possible for your children by not questioning them regarding your Ex and by not making extravagant promises you know you cannot or will not keep.
  8. The parent with whom the children live must prepare them both physically and mentally for the visitation. The children should be available at the mutually agreed upon time.
  9. If one parent has plans for the children that conflict with the visitation, and these plans are in the best intrests of the children -- be an adult and work out the problem together.
  10. Always work for the spiritual well being, health, and safety of your children.

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